Mehregiah’s main agenda

Continuous premium quality:

Producing 100% natural products with the highest quality is one of our main values in mehr-e-giah. since the first day, we have always tried to produce the best herbal blends products, without any sort of chemical additive or essence, outstanding and exceptional in quality. Also with help of our quality control professionals, the whole agricultural process, harvesting, blending and finally packaging, go through strict quality control.

Packaging quality:

In mehr-e-giah, in addition to the quality of our herbs, packaging plays a big role in our consumers’ health and enjoyment as an unforgettable experience.
Mehr-e-giah is the first ever company to present herbal & black tea in plant-based pyramid teabags. The teabags used in Mehr-e-giah products cause maximum exchange of properties, taste and aroma of plants with water and maximum use of them. The connections in the teabags, labels, threads and pyramid seams are also made by heat and ultrasonic waves and no glue or harmful substances are used in them.
Each of the Mehr-e-giah pyramid bags is also packed in three-layer protective coatings to prevent light, moisture and air from penetrating into the package and maintain the quality and durability of the product until it is consumed.

At Mehr-e-giah Company, with an innovative, creative and exploratory approach to discover the world of plants, we are always trying to produce products with new and unique combinations suitable for diverse tastes. The production of 5 100% unique product titles and 20 new and unique combination titles in the company's product portfolio is proof of this claim.

Commitment to supporting the health of the community and creating a safe and sustainable environment for consumers has led us at Mehr-e-giah to offer the full variety of properties and flavors in the company's product portfolio. In addition, with extensive investment in product research and development, the annual expansion of the product portfolio based on customer needs and desires is on our agenda.
In addition to the above, the variety of packaging and offering various gift packages with the possibility of customization for customers, especially corporate customers, has always been one of our important approaches.