The Story Of Mehre-h Giah

The love of a plant in a glance

a brand story:

Some people have born to make this world a more beautiful place to live in. They have come to this world to find love, health & euphoria, and pour it into other’s lives and refresh their spirit.

The story of mehr-e-giah started off more than 10 years ago. In the upper hills of Tehran, where a glance clashed with a herb and an idea of creating a health-based world sparkled. The image of a world where the role of herbs is not only providing health, but also a blissful taste was formed out, and then modern-day herbal tea found its way into our daily lives as the first healthy hot beverage line. Since then, here in mehr-e-giah, we’ve tried our best to play our part as pioneers in changing people’s insight about herbs’ benefits by providing 100% natural products with unique combinations of specific benefits and flavors. Reliance on our scientific knowledge, new day technologies, and strict QC policy, we present you a kind of herbal tea with exclusive formulations so as to provide you health, as well as a treat from nature


Our Mission:

Mehr-e-giah, a leading brand in manufacturing herbal and natural food, attempts to provide a higher health rate for people by producing herbal tea in premium quality, considering expert human resource, new technologies, innovation, continuous upgrade in quality and loyalty of its customers.

Our Vision:

Becoming a Professional company in herbal products, medicinal herbs & healthy food products, standing at the peak of nationwide and worldwide customers’ loyalty.